Slip Sole




ORIGIN: Kent, UKThis product¬†is a Sustainably Sourced Wild product.¬†Slips Soles are small Dover Soles;¬† They are weighing in at around 200g per fish and at GT Fish are sold by the kilo rather than individually.¬† This is due to their size.¬† Any order for this product will be dispatched on Tuesday as this is our next available delivery slot.¬† The product may arrive frozen.¬†The¬†flavor¬†of the¬†Dover sole¬†is mild and sweet, elusive and enticingly different from more mundane white¬†fish¬†species. … The raw flesh is glistening white and remains a pure white color when cooked.¬† Nutrition Facts For a Serving Size of¬†4 oz¬†(112g) Calories¬†100 Calories from Fat¬†13.5¬†(13.5%) ¬† % Daily Value * Total Fat¬†1.5g – Saturated fat¬†0.5g – Cholesterol¬†60mg – Sodium¬†90mg 4% Carbohydrates¬†0g – Net carbs¬†0g – Fiber¬†0g 0% Protein¬†21g ¬†